Within this activity, SHA gathered feedback from the previous two activities, the round table and focus group, and produced comprehensive reports on participant interactions. These reports include details about the negative and positive practices that participants have faced in their working lives and include helpful feedback that companies can implement to facilitate and support the integration of refugees and migrants in the work environment and the local societies.

The feedback collected from the participants was extremely valuable. It concerned different fields such as IT, hospitality, cleaning services, hosting services, etc…
It provided well-rounded reports on the crucial steps that companies can take to help build a better life for migrants and refugees. The reports created will serve as a tool for the local communities in Greece to use as guidelines to improve their policies concerning hiring refugees and migrants. They will also provide information on how to improve the working experience of the refugees so that they can better integrate into the company and the local society.

The reports are available here:
Focus group – How can ICT technology be used to reduce biases?
Roundtable – Creating Inclusive Workplaces