SHA organized a networking event about ‘’how to empower migrants and refugees financially’’. The event was scheduled online, and 2 essential stakeholders of the Greek community participated as speakers. Present at this meeting were migrants and refugees, stakeholders working with this target group, SHA partner associations, and some participants who joined us for the focus group and roundtable of the previous activities.

The presentations included a presentation of the INTEgreat project, a general presentation of the pilot project, and talks from speakers specializing in migrant and refugee integration. The presentations focused on pinpointing the problems Greece and other Mediterranean countries face when migrants and refugees are installed in their countries and why integration is so difficult. We also discussed the political and practical issues that place barriers to integration, such as the changes that can make a difference and allow the target group to have a better life in Greece.

The recording of this event is available here:

Date & Time of Activity: 04/04/2024